Want to know more about a specific BMW/Mini vehicle?
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  • Make, model and series
  • Engine capacity and power
  • Production date
  • Interior and exterior trim codes and names
  • Factory fitted option list including individual options
Thanks for the quick reply, I appreciate the service!

Our detailed reports are available in two options:

Text Only We send your report to you in a text based email. Contains the full decode but has no formatting. Report is sent within 24 hours

PDF Report We format the full decode into a high resolution PDF report that is able to be printed and kept. Suitable for a one-off decode. Report is sent within 48 hours

Decoding your VIN is easy!

1 Select your report from the drop down menu
2 Enter the last 7 digits of a VIN number in the text field
3 Click "Buy Now"

Once transfered to the secure PayPal payment checkout confirm the purchase. The report will be forwarded to your PayPal registered email address.

Acceptance Mark
Report Type
VIN Number

Please note Each report is decoded individually, this is not an automated service
If you have any queries, please contact us